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What’s life like at Devoteam?

At Devoteam you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. Take a look at some of the aspects of life at Devoteam.

Connect with
Amazing People

At Devoteam you will be part of multidisciplinary teams, where you will work alongside like-minded professionals and thought leaders from around the world. 

Our accessible group of elite digital Champions will show you what it’s like to truly influence the world around you. You’ll experience an environment where you can not only learn from the best, but your own value and expertise will be valued and encouraged to grow.

Take a look at some of the recent great assets created by our network of experts:

What will you find at Devoteam Serbia:

  • We organize team buildings two times in a year
  • You’ll get your birthday party, last Friday in a month, fully organized by Devoteam
  • Table football, Karum, Pikado.. it’s all in our office to ease connecting people

Thrive with Supportive Management

We are proud of our culture of mentorship, respect and continuous feedback that will allow you to learn and grow as much as you can within your role.

You will always have a supportive line of management with a clear framework for the next steps in your career path. That way, you can grow to your full potential with autonomy and guidance when you need it.

It’s not like we hit the jackpot with every project we work on. Maybe we made a mistake, and still don’t know how to do it. But we have definitely gained some new experiences and learned what not to do. Nenad Bogdanovic – IT Architect

Make a Difference through
Impactful Projects

The variety of available missions at Devoteam allows you to challenge yourself and prove how agile you can be. It’s a perfect place for those who don’t enjoy being stuck in a routine and who want to make an impact while building a resume through meaningful, multidisciplinary projects. 

You’ll get the opportunity to work alongside our partners (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow) to help advance our vision of how tech for people unlocks the future.

One of our projects in Devoteam Serbia was related to development and delivery of Electronic Health Record  Solution.  EHR solutions are software solutions that facilitate daily work for healthcare providers like managing patient medical records, automating clinical workflows etc. Key technologies are Java programming language, Google Kubernetes Engine, PubSub, Cloud SQL for Postgres, Healthcare API, Cloud Storage, Terraform etc.

To see some examples of projects that other Devoteamers have worked on, look at some of our success stories.

Working on a project with humanitarian component brings a hole new world of experiences, it makes you feel proud, because you’re involved in creating better change for the world. Teodora Vuckovic – Salesforce Practice Lead

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development

We empower our team members by training them in the latest technologies and coaching them to help them grow and exceed in their field of expertise, ensuring that their professional profile keeps current with the market needs. 

Devoteamers are encouraged to identify and propose new areas for business growth, thanks to our intrapreneurship program initiative, Devoteam Spark, which provides funding to some of the best internal ideas.

In Devoteam Serbia we develop talent density & diversity to deliver Better Change. We provide an enriching environment to our people, giving them infinite possibilities through ambitious certifications and training programs.

A career development path offers employees a continuous way to improve their current knowledge and skills by following a defined learning process, which can result in promotions, mastery of their core responsibilities, or transfer to different roles. Andrea Gutai – Academy Manager

Find your balance with a friendly work life

Devoteam is a human-sized company that respects the necessities of your personal life. In your post at Devoteam, you can enjoy the freedom of having flexible hours with a hybrid work policy. So, you can find the balance of working in one of our state-of-the-art offices in a variety of locations across EMEA and working at home, wherever you live.

At Devoteam, you’ll find the balance of working in one of our state-of-the-art offices or at home, getting the tools that you need to succeed in either case. In your Devoteam community, you’ll be able to nuture your passions and grow friendships with your new teammates.

Devoteam Serbia respects individuality of each employee, so we provide some benefits, to ease mixing work and family life.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Options to work from home or from the office
  • 4 weeks in a year to work from anywhere in the world
  • Family-care activities

Devoteam is a company with infinite possibilities for each of us and for me is essential the work-life balance that it gives me. Milos Karanovic – Cloud Consultant

Making a Positive Impact

At Devoteam, we are committed to making a positive impact on the people and the world around us and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) holds an important part of our corporate strategy. At Devoteam, you will have the opportunity to discover and boost social innovation, and to support inspiring entrepreneurs to increase their social and environmental impact.

Devoteam Serbia follows global initiatives and actively participate in local humanitarian and eco events, helping local community and building environmental responsibility, in order to create better change for the future generations.

To discover more, take a look at our CSR page.

We aim to offer our people and the world infinite opportunities, leveraging tech for a positive impact on society. Stanislas and Godefroy de Bentzmann

Sounds like a place where you belong? Take a look at our career openings.