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Make the move to Google Cloud

In today’s unpredictable business environment, it is essential to attain a competitive advantage on the market. One powerful way to stay ahead, drive agility, maintain flawless operations and gain valuable business insights is migrating your infrastructure, data and services to the cloud: a move which can position you as a digital leader within your industry.

As more and more businesses make the leap to the cloud, Devoteam – a trusted advisor and Google Cloud Premier Partner – is here to highlight three key topics which resonate with many companies as they begin their journey.


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Security & Resilience

Key talking points

  • On-premise environments may be perceived as the more secure option in comparison with the cloud, which needs to be compliant and in-accordance with policies
  • Cloud misconfiguration is a key security threat, with nearly 70 % of CISOs citing it as a top concern in a 2020 Ermetic survey
  • Being flexible and maintaining a solid overview of your enterprises’ data can be challenging with an on-premise environment

The Devoteam view

  • Google Cloud provides state-of-the-art security measures and compliance standards, with Devoteam ready to aid you in shaping a comprehensive, cloud-compliant strategy tailored to your specific business needs
  • As Google Cloud experts and Premier Partners, Devoteam can help you prevent misconfiguration and provide regular security trainings, certifications, compliance programs and shape clear policies to make sure you encounter no issues
  • With multiple data centres around the globe, Google Cloud provides resilience and gives to the power to leverage multiple embedded systems, including automation and AI, for monitoring your enterprise

Make a move towards a comprehensive security strategy.

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Discover how we helped Unifiedpost.

With the help of partner Devoteam G Cloud, we successfully centralised all IT workloads from various acquisitions into Google Cloud, rather than having to work with a dozen of local providers. This allows us to have a standardised ITOps approach and reach improved Security of our workloads, using Google Cloud.

Discover Unifiedpost's story

Geert de Herdt

CIO, Unified post


Key talking points

  • On-premise legacy systems require maintenance, workforce, storage and power, meaning there are many hidden costs associated with running them
  • It is important to set the right pace of your FinOps strategy to achieve your business goals while being aligned with your ROI

The Devoteam view

  • With its transparency and flexibility, modernising with Google Cloud infrastructure is a step towards agility and innovation, with further perks lying in potential cost-effective disaster recovery and carbon neutrality
  • Google Cloud allows you to scale your resources as needed without significant upfront infrastructure investments, which can lead to savings in the long term

Make a move to being agile and achieve your ROI.

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Discover how we helped Carrefour.

Devoteam G Cloud has expertise in all the data and DevOps tools, and helped us in selecting the correct mix of Google products to reach our end goal.

Discover Carrefour's story

Gregory Pierquin

Head of Data Platforms, Carrefour

Change Resistance

Key talking points

  • For some, migrating the entirety of their operations to the cloud may seem like a very difficult challenge to tackle if they are considering doing so
  • Enterprises might be unsure if they are technologically ready to migrate at the current time, considering their present structure
  • How will your teams react to the change? Will you encounter frustration or resistance? 
  • Migration and subsequent maintenance of the cloud requires different skill sets

The Devoteam view

  • Transitioning from on-prem to the cloud can take place in instances, with Devoteam being ready to help you form a detailed action plan and help you attain business agility and support you on both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud
  • Devoteam is able to aid you in leveraging your current investments and integrate 3rd party signals into your cloud migration plan
  • Devoteam will also help you with the people’s side of change based on their Prosci-based approach
  • As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Devoteam has a team of certified expert engineers to support you and train your staff to become proficient in the cloud

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Are you interested in discovering more challenges the cloud will help you solve? Devoteam experts summarised the most insightful inputs in the whitepaper: “Why and how to move to Cloud Computing?”

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