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Our Guidelines for inspiring creative tech for better change

At Devoteam we follow 5 guiding principles, our values, in everything we do. Will these values help you find success?



Respect is the foundation of the relations between Devoteamers.

We are humble and treat everyone respectfully, regardless of their performance or status. We welcome newcomers, embrace diversity and take good care of one another.

We prioritize sustainability and will continue to make long-term, smart choices while being frugal in using Devoteam’s resources.

Devoteam is encouraging women which makes us feel more comfortable and safe at work, so we can be more productive in performing our tasks. Jovana Zlatic – Devoteam Serbia


We are transparent, and encourage all employees to actively provide and request candid & constructive feedback to build real trust.

We stand up against actions inconsistent with our values, ambition or the best interest of Devoteamers.

We make bold decisions without fear of disrupting habits.

As I still haven’t become a mind-reader, I rely on honest communication. There’s always time to make a small talk. In business I show my cards, and I’m expecting the same honesty from my team. Nenad Bogdanovic – Devoteam Serbia


Our priority goal is to be number one on our chosen areas, driving more value for our customers thanks to specialisation and multidisciplinarity.
We promote responsible tech for a better future.

We are passionate and committed, continuously improving our performance and increasing our talent density. This starts by hiring talents better than ourselves.

In the future I’ll try to use my knowledge to make better changes for our environment.  Milos Karanovic – Devoteam Serbia


We don’t limit ourselves and provide our teams with space and freedom to be agile.

We are self-disciplined, and continuously fight bureaucracy. We are on the field with our colleagues, and reward and celebrate successes.

I feel like an entrepreneur, because I get the freedom to work with my team however we think is the best. And following that, there’s no issue we couldn’t solve together. Mirko Panic – Devoteam Serbia


As a learning company, we collaborate constantly and share knowledge across teams. We embrace curiosity and are experts at becoming experts.

We innovate and develop our skills to continuously remain at the leading edge of technology to accelerate our career and create better change.

The team I work with is amazing! Each of us is fully committed to the work and contributes to the success of the project in accordiance to his knowledge. Marko Ljubić – Devoteam Salesforce CoE, Serbia

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