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Drive productivity and new profits with Devoteam’s AI Agency

Redefine your business with Devoteam's expert AI agency: collaborate to craft tailored AI solutions built on a solid foundation of strategy and ML engineering. Are you ready to start your AI journey today?

AI: from hype to tech impact

Discover how your company can use AI
Embrace AI for data-driven growth, transforming data into a strategic asset for new revenue opportunities.

Get Insights & predictions

Let AI help you to enhance decision making and innovation across your operations, marketing, sales and R&D. Not just for cost savings, but to gain valuable insights and predictions that guide strategic decisions.

Boost operational efficiency with new processes

Enhance your processes with AI tools that empower your teams, whether in customer service or administrative tasks. Let your employees focus on value-added activities, leveraging AI for intelligent document processing, workforce optimisation, and streamlined workflows.

Build new business models

Respond and act today to see how AI will impact your existing business models. AI isn’t just a tool or a goal in itself; it’s a catalyst for business transformation.

Build optimal customer experience

Foster a dynamic, client-focused model with innovations across sales, marketing and service. Key applications include chatbots for real-time assistance, language sentiment analysis for deeper customer insights or customer lifetime value analysis. Ready to enhance satisfaction and loyalty?

Build optimal Employee Experience

Embrace the shift to the AI era, equipping employees with crucial AI skills. Help employees towards a high performance by leveraging AI. Start navigating the challenges in security, legal, and operations today. The ultimate goal: a redefined workplace proficiency and new digital abilities.

AI Discovery Engine Build a new AI use case for your organisation in 1 minute

Start exploring custom-generated AI possibilities tailored for your business using the AI Discovery Engine. Describe your core activities and receive a custom list of AI use cases and ideas.

Generate AI use cases now

Prepare now your 5 year forward outlook

By partnering with Devoteam and following this five-year strategic roadmap, you are positioning yourself for success with AI.

  • Start now with Devoteam by discovering & experimenting. Identify specific AI use cases for your needs. Challenge yourself – it’s harder than putting Chat GPT to work. Do you have the right data? In the appropriate formats? Prepare for initial AI application development and integration challenges.
  • 2025: The year of productivity enhancements. You’ll see a significant boost in productivity as Language Learning Models (LLMs) and their integration with existing tooling improve. Pick the (low hanging) fruits. 2025 will mark a leap forward in effortlessly incorporating your data into AI systems, enabling more nuanced and effective results. 
  • 2026- 2027: Changing Business models. Ask yourself: is AI now actually changing your business? As you enter this transformative phase, consider how you’ve prepared in the past years. Are you ready to adapt your business model, explore new revenue streams, and fully leverage AI for heightened profitability? This period is about turning potential into action, shaping the future of your business with AI-driven innovation.
  • 2028: AI will be seamlessly embedded in virtually every aspect of your business operations. AI will no longer be an add-on but an intrinsic part of your business landscape.

AI is a priority for me. Do you want to stay ahead? Let’s think together about how you can get started. Gert Jan Van Halem, Group CTO at Devoteam

Devoteam’s model for Successful (Enterprise) AI Implementation Ensure a strong start with AI: build your POC

Start your AI journey with Devoteam’s with a strategic approach, and shift rapidly into concrete use cases. Devoteam’s AI Agency unites a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including Business Strategists, IT Architects, ML & Data Engineers and Change Managers . Together, they guide your AI initiatives. How? With a twofold approach: they develop an AI Product Lifecycle and lay the groundwork for AI foundations.

Build an AI product lifecycle


  • Align with your senior leadership to develop a clear vision, value proposition and transformation roadmap.
  • Bring the community with AI enthusiasts in your organisation together to prioritise use cases & foster innovation across multiple business domains.


  • Use your ‘Build vs. Buy’ framework also for AI. Use innovation power of hyperscalers like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft to get ahead.
  • Empower the community to act: initiate pilot use cases for AI, encouraging trial and error, showcase new ideas, and promote POC development.

Adopt & Scale

  • Adopt & scale your AI products by meticulously overseeing the progress made. Oversee governance, GDP and mitigate risks. Employ MLOps and integrate Change Management.
  • Transform your AI community into ambassadors & promotors of the AI products.

Establish foundations for AI products

Data Availability

  • Develop strong data engineering practices to manage and utilise data effectively. Prioritise making data continuously available throughout the organisation. It will enable your AI use cases.

Operating Model / Governance Availbility

  • Build effective AI management. Emphasise on Responsible AI through a TRiSM program for compliance, GDPR & legal standards, fairness, and data privacy. Incorporate FinOps practices for cost optimisation.

Talent & Skills Availability

  • Bring AI-native talent together with your AI enthusiast. Build interdisciplinary teams across IT, HR, legal, marketing and business to drive innovation. Be prepared to act autonomously when technology outpaces collaboration.

Enabling AI Capabilities with Devoteam AI Agency

At Devoteam, we’re not just observers – we’re active partners in building AI solutions for your needs. How? With an AI agency that brings the best AI experts together. They help you with: 

  • Strategic AI Transformation Consulting: How do you start an AI-driven business transformation? Discover impactful use-cases and technologies that leverage your ‘golden’ data. The ultimate goal? Enhancing productivity and creating new revenue streams while laying the groundworks for your AI governance, data availability & talent. 
  • AI Solution Development: Collaborate with our ML Engineers Tribe to build custom or use open-source generative AI models. Develop your AI POC, in platforms like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft before going full scale.
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Devoteam’s Technology partners: Build with our experts on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft

An overview of the key AI technology you can use: 

  • AI & ML with AWS

Utilise AWS for advanced data and machine learning capabilities. The focus on data challenges ensures a secure, efficient platform for all your analytics and AI needs. Read more about AI with AWS

  • AI & ML with Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud certified expert in Machine Learning Devoteam helps you realise your A-Z AI vision. From use case identification to implementation & managed services, start to build with Google’s Gemini model in Vertex AI.  Ready for service agents and enhanced search experiences? Read more about AI with Google Cloud

  • AI & ML with Microsoft

Leverage the power of data-driven intelligence with Microsoft’s AI & ML tools such as Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service. Devoteam, a leading Microsoft partner with an AI & Data Solution Partner Designation, can help you achieve your AI goals faster and more efficiently with our unique Cloud Enabler Framework. Read more about AI & Microsoft

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Leverage 1.000+ AI experts & best-in class technology

Why choose Devoteam as your partner to enable AI 

Devoteam, leveraging AI technology from AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft, operates as a united AI Agency. With over 1.000 experts, you’ll be equipped to swiftly integrate AI into your business, use case by use case.

Additionally, this AI Agency offers you accelerated tracks to jumpstart your AI journey, ensuring a rapid and effective adoption. The breadth of expertise covers everything from machine learning to deriving data-driven insights, guaranteeing that your foray into AI is not only innovative but also leaves a significant impact.

Start with AI today Discuss your AI future with us. Ready to transform? Engage with Devoteam’s AI Agency, a multidisciplinary team ready to make you grow with AI.