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Exploring unlimited possibilites by adopting a new CRM


The snapshot


Increased growth with a more targeted approach to their market


Streamlined operational efficiency thanks to Sales Cloud state-of-the-art CRM


Integration of a new CRM for more than 3,000 users in 9 months in 60 countries with 71% correct dataset allowing for impactful progress

The challenge

With more than 420,000 employees around the globe, the client operates across 64 countries. The existing CRM system proved ineffective with only 50% of users logging-in less than once a month. On top of that, prospect and client data were not recorded.

The client turned to us with the need to gain higher commercial efficiency within a period of nine months. The answer came with the implementation of a new CRM. The solution would use the same functionalities as the current system but optimize business processes in the CRM.

The solution

With our extensive experience, we were able to determine various issues and streamline this ambitious project in a short period.

Within just nine months, the new CRM Salesforce was functioning in almost 60 countries, reaching and embedding more than 3,000 users.

Using tools like AI, users interact through a gaming-like experience that allows managers to track performance indicators as well as identify pain points. The new CRM now has a 71% correct dataset, allowing thousands of users worldwide to kickstart growth.

This all came together through strong company values which are geared towards improving the quality of life of the people the client serves. Devoteam also paid particular interest to the client’s needs, challenging previous ideas for better outcomes and pivoting quickly when needed to gain the best results.

The better change

With the integration of a new CRM within just nine months

Establishing a functional testing and data migration strategy

Improving user experience and operational efficiency

I’ve already made dozens of CRM projects in my career, but this one is a project I’m really, really proud of!