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Salesforce Experience – Over a Coffee with Consultants


In this blog post you will learn: 

  • What Salesforce actually is and what’s offering
  • The best way for learning Salesforce
  • Salesforce experience on the real project, from the educational industry 
  • In this post, we’ll explain what the experience was from developers’ eyes, how it affected their careers and personalities. 

What Salesforce actually is?

We tend to keep up with the popular technologies that are being used around the world and with that, Devoteam Serbia became the Center of Excellence for Salesforce 6 months ago. 

“Since this huge step was made, a number of our colleagues, including us, started the Salesforce journey.

Looking from the developers perspective, the main advantage is that in a quite short time, in less than a day, you can build an application and immediately deploy it to numerous users.

Firstly, let us start with explaining what Salesforce actually is and what it offers. Started as one of the first cloud computing companies, Salesforce became the world’s best CRM platform and by some statistics 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using it. Platform itself can be considered as one single system enabling you to use and combine all of their products such as: Sales, Customer Service, Marketing…

Additionally, it allows you to create your own application using an interface that is quite easy to learn and use. Looking from the developers perspective, the main advantage is that in a quite short time, in less than a day, you can build an application and immediately deploy it to numerous users.

Beside that, it should highlight that even if the app is live you can modify UI, data schema and logic without disturbing the users. Regarding technologies that are being used and needed  knowledge for working on this platform, Salesforce offers a huge variety and every “standard” role can be transferred on Salesforce one. For example, Salesforce Developers are handling the same tasks as full-stack developers would, only in this case for front-end part Lightning Web Components in combination with Node.js are used, while for some service logic specific OOP language called Apex is used. Also, there are corresponding roles for Architects, Data Scientist, Mobile Developers which are handled in Salesforce by using Heroku platform, specific SDKs, Einstein…” – concluded Marija Krivokapic, Salesforce Developer

How to prepare yourself as a developer for a Salesforce project? 

“In the beginning, we were thinking about what is the best way for learning Salesforce and where to start. With our trainee manager and our director, we discussed that we will be divided to follow two different paths. One was to become a Salesforce Developer and the other was to become a Salesforce Admin. We thought that it was two very different paths, but later our paths crossed. Our main goal was to prepare ourselves to get certificated and also be ready for new opportunities and projects that were certainly coming. Little did we know, just a month after our first certification we had an interview to become Salesforce developers for two European universities.” – said Maja Karanovic, Salesforce Developer 

These projects were very specific because they used the Salesforce Education Cloud also known as EDA. Education Cloud helps universities and other educational institutions to connect with students, parents, and all the other vendors such as companies that would be interested in offering jobs and practices for students.

What Does This Mean to You?

“Considering the fact that members of our team are not from Serbia, our biggest fear was geographical distance because we didn’t know how we would communicate with the team and if that would be an obstacle. We thought it was hard not to have your colleague around your office that you can go to whenever you are having problems regarding work. But all our colleagues were wonderful. They have been very helpful, and they made sure that we don’t notice that we are in different locations.” – Dijana Bursać, Salesforce Developer added.

There are a lot of different roles such as scrum masters, project managers, architects, business analysts, data specialists, consultants, and developers in a Salesforce team.

“It is very important to be surrounded by people that you can trust, share your ideas and thoughts with them and even if they are not regarding the project. All of our colleagues are people with a lot of experience which allowed us to make rapid progress in our knowledge and skills. Whatever the topic that we are interested in, they are always here to share everything they know. From the beginning they were always asking us about our preferences for the type of work that needs to be done, if we preferred more to work with the data or to create process flows, to code using Apex or maybe JavaScript.” – said Maja Karanović, Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Certification

Devoteam is a learning company. We invest in and facilitate the ongoing growth of their employees.

Maja said that besides all the knowledge that she gained and that she is still gaining, she improved her communication skills, and experienced the best team work through different tasks for each sprint.

This journey has been a great experience for all three developers. Their knowledge is now significantly improved in a technical sense and in a sense of developing their problem-solving skills.

“We are very pleased to be part of this amazing Salesforce pillar and to learn the technology. We will keep learning more about Salesforce, prepare for some new certificates and enjoy this journey together.”

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