A True player of change: focus on becoming carbon neutral

The snapshot


Company aims to become carbon neutral by 2050


Devoteam help the client IT to bring its contribution to this target


Paving the way for a greener IT department by creating a personalized carbon calculator

The challenge

The company designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of its consumers and the future of all, the client has more than 63,000 employees.

With human activity increasingly threatening the climate and many becoming more conscious of environmental degradation, the company decided to take steps to become carbon neutral by 2050. Reducing Co2 by 25% by 2025 was also a goal.

The solution

The company didn’t have specific measurements of IT impact, within the short time of three months, Devoteam came up with :

  • A custom calculator tool that allowed the IT department a view of its footprint by dimension including infrastructures, network, devices and SaaS.
  • A set of global and pragmatic set of recommendations to improve both the model and the IT footprint 
  • End-user training to carbone calculation adoption was also included in the process.

The better change

Implementing solutions within a three-month program

Model documentation

End-user training