Becoming a digital native enterprise with IT modernization and rationalization

Developing an Action Plan for the Post-COVID-19 world

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for the rationalization and modernization of IT, whether to reduce costs and optimize resources or to allow organizations to better adapt to a fast-changing market environment. It is important to launch a full-scale IT modernization and rationalization process to deliver innovative digital transformation products and competitive IT services at optimum cost.

IDC and Devoteam have partnered to bring you a free whitepaper to guide you on the development of an IT Modernization and Rationalization Plan, so you can transform your business, becoming a digital-native enterprise.


How to develop an IT Modernization and Rationalization Plan;

Which are the four key areas that are essential to consider when developing a plan;

The path toward a cloud-native enterprise;

How COVID-19 is accelerating the transition to the Cloud.